Short Story: Sports Day (Hurdles)

The sound of my heartbeat is so loud, I can’t hear my thoughts. I’m next. The bell rings and my friend in front tackles the orange obstacle ahead. They start easy and get harder further on in the course. I’m rubbish. My friend is good, but could be better, she came 3rd. I step forward, eyeing my competitors as I get ready to run and jump. The bell rings and I’m running. I jump too early and I trip, I fall flat on my face…..

Short Stories: Meeting Day

I can hear the quiet chatter from behind the white, wooden door. The noise of the paper as it hits the table is intimidating. I look through the glass area in the door and I see the projector slowly coming to life on a white board. I’m waiting with my work friends and they seem excited and confident, meanwhile I’m nervous and worried. A noise from the other side of the door indicates we have to come in. As I walk in, my cheeks become red as everyone watches me.


-not true-


Forgot to mention I’ll be doing book reviews tooooo x



strawbssss x

Not good at this….

I like blogging but i don’t do it often.

Just a quick announcement!


Trying to do my blog more often so expect more posts lately (yayayayaya)

Going to see one direction next year with my friends emily and vicky!


sooo excited!!

I’ve also taken up the idea of vlogging (video of yourself talking basically talk like what im doing now but writing)

Im not going to post them though.

when i’m older you might see a youtube account doing vlogs and a twitter (HOPEFULLYYYYYY)

but thats in the future and its what im working towards.

Ok next blog tomorrow maybe?


Byeeee x


25th-31st Week

2 weeks ago.. Sorry (:

MONDAY- French, D.T, Music, P.D, R.E – Had a french supply teacher, she was well mean! I had her before. One of my worst teachers. So my latter rack in d.t is almost finished! Put the front panel on, (can you guess what i put on it, put  what you think in the comments below!) and just stuck the whole thing together! Music was pretty cool, in our school we have apple macs! But we went on the acer computer with apple mac program, just as good.

TUESDAY- P.D, English, Maths, P.E, D.T – P.D was the worst, well i do try and get grades and everything but this group i was made to work with did nothing at all! One person just did the poster, the other person did a sign and i wrote the script the only one speaking >:O! I had lost my embarrassing p.e socks so i had to wear another pair, now i’m quite small. The smallest summer polo shirt doesn’t fit me right, but these socks were soo tight all my friends had to help me get them on! 😮 What makes this day worse, i have 2 p.e teacher 1st one is pregnant the other one is my 2nd form tutor. The one that’s pregnant has gone to have her baby so she’s been replaced by this weird one, she hates me soo much??

WEDNESDAY: Science, Geography, French, Maths, P.E- Today in science we did chemicals and the pH scale. Last time i spilled the chemicals twice and my friend who sits next to me Natalie split strong acid down herself. So this weak we were cautious. In french I had a speaking test with my friend Kelly-Louise. Me and her got 7/10 the highest score, along with some boy call Joe (he was cousins with someone from my primary.) Me and my friend Emma have made up a dance for our new p.e teacher and i can’t do badminton. So now schools out for 2 weeks some people have moved classes, one of bffs Alice is moving back to my maths class yay!

THURSDAY+FRIDAY- Easter Holidays-   

SATURDAY- Weekend at my dads- So today is the first day of the weekend 🙂 So today I went tropical wings, (see last post for pictures) I had a great time with some the family looking at butterfly’s, meerkats, birds and more animals. Fun :’)

SUNDAY- Weekend- I gave out some easter eggs today, Happy Easter people 🙂 

Next post will include last week 🙂 sorry for the this trouble

This Thing Me And My Friend Do :)

OK so me and my friend Emma do this thing, the only lesson i have with her is p.e so what we do is make a dance for each p.e teacher we see. We also have a dance for ourselves.

“To the side, to the side, scratch your back and tennis five” 

Yes we made that dance during badminton…

Now we are in gymnastics  she will make a dance I hope

Strawbs and Star 🙂

(Strawbs=Me  Star=Emma,)



18th – 24th Week

Week A

MONDAY: English, D.T, Music, P.D, German… Today I did the reading and listening of my German Test, don’t mean to brag but I am quite good at German so this was easy, but was actually really hard (the speaking was hard!)

TUESDAY:  Humanities, R.E, Maths, P.E, D.T…. In D.T I am building a letter rack! It takes some effort but I think I’m doing well ;p I was meant to have humanities but I had to go to a colours assembly where you get given colours to put on your blazer when you have done something good in sports it’s takes effort to get these. This girl in year 11 got about 7 Or More!!

WEDNESDAY: Science, Geography, French, Maths, P.E…. Here’s the thing. I HATE WEDNESDAYS!!! ^ Theses Lessons are my worst (don’t forget R.E and Humanities!!) There is nothing I like about them, expect maybe sometimes science when you spill acids and alkilai (dunno how to spell,) True Story. The only thing I like about Wednesdays is that it’s halfway through the week.

THURSDAYS: I.T, Drama, Science, English, History… Well actually today was BBC new day:). Everyone did journalism unless you could be bothered to write a letter asking to be in the TV or Radio Group. So guess what, I did journalism writing a newspaper all day, theN typing it up. Most people couldn’t be asked, but I do like writing stories so I didn’t mind. And here is the story that is true, I typed it up so that’s why it said shower instead of show lol! Copy and paste this into a new tab

FRIDAY: German, Maths, Art, English, Science… YAY IT’S FRIDAY! Today was the writing of the German test which went good:D went on computers in maths like we do on week a! Nothing really just later went to my youth club

SATURDAY: Weekend.. This weekend I was meant to be at my mum’s (my dad and mum have spilt up) but as it was my grandad’s surprise bday party I was at my dad’s! The party was great! Dancing with my cousins Aimee and Grace and their mum’s boyfriends’s niece Hannah, singing to One Direction, my dad’s girlfriend Vicky made a spurs cake (Yes I Do Support Tottenham Hotspur!) The whole family was there and I didn’t know many.

SUNDAY: Weekend… Today I Chilled Out… 🙂

See Ya 4 Now